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Patients with psychiatric disorders are 45% less likely than other patients to have an established Primary Care Physician.


Primary Care Physicians recognize and identify only half of all mental illnesses in their patients.


Only 30% of patients with mental illness are screened for chronic diseases like diabetes.

Sources: AHRQ, Harvard School of Business and Journal of General Internal Medicine

Behavioral Health in the Primary Care Setting

Nebraska Health Network recognizes the growing prevalence of patients with behavioral health needs in our Network. Over a 12-month period Behavioral Health patients:

  • Had 213% more avoidable Emergency Department visits per 1,000 patients
  • Visited the Emergency Department more than twice the amount of the general population

Hospital admissions for MSSP beneficiaries with behavioral health diagnoses are 75% higher than the general population; and the percent of readmissions is 82 percent higher for behavioral health patients. 

  • Per capita spending for MSSP beneficiaries with behavioral health patients is 66% higher than general population
  • Per capita spending for behavioral health patients is 77% percent higher than the general population

Peer-to-Peer Coaching Program

The Nebraska Medical Association has launched their peer-to-peer physician coaching program LifeBridge Nebraska. LifeBridge Nebraska was developed by physicians, for physicians. It is a FREE coaching program available to all Nebraska physicians, regardless of NMA membership. The NMA hopes Nebraska physicians will reach out as a normal response to acute and chronic stress rather than just “powering through.”

Confidential appointments are self-referred without medical diagnoses, insurance billing, or electronic records. Notification is not given to employers, NMA, or the board of medicine. Program participants can expect complete confidentiality –information and/or identity is never disclosed to others without written consent.

Physicians can connect with LifeBridge Nebraska by calling a confidential third-party call center at 1-888-569-2036. To learn more and to view coach profiles, please visit nebmed.org/lifebridge or contact Betsy Jones. 

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