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Community Relay

Nebraska Health Network presents this free resource to help you find support services in our community.


The Power of a Community

Community Relay is a free resource presented by Nebraska Health Network. NHN partnered with Findhelp, a national social care network, to bring Community Relay to the Midwest. This powerful, free resource enables you to quickly search for free or reduced-cost programs and services in our area. 

A Quick Guide to Community Relay

Download this quick reference guide to understand how Community Relay can help you find free- or reduced-cost support in your local area. Follow the QR code or visit CommunityRelay.com

How Community Relay Works

  • Search for Free or Reduced-Cost Services

    All searches begin with a zip code and are further refined by the type of support needed.

  • Save, Share or Act on Your Search Results

    Community Relay is a free resource connecting you with services and programs in our community. If you prefer, you can register your account and easily share the results with friends or family. Or, you can always search the platform anonymously.

  • Connect with Support Services

    Through Community Relay, you have access to more than 140,000 programs nationwide. Many programs offer screening applications directly on the site and/or communicate the best way to engage their services. 

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Quickly Find the Support You Need

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