The Clinical Coordinator role at the Nebraska Health Network is an essential part of advancing value-based care. Clinical Coordinators work to transform care in our communities and create a patient-centered environment. Joni Cox, BSN, RN, shares her perspective on what it means to be a Clinical Coordinator at the NHN.

I started a career in nursing because I loved the opportunity to be able to make a difference. As a Clinical Coordinator at the Nebraska Health Network, I now have a unique opportunity to impact thousands of patients’ lives. 

Being a Clinical Coordinator also presents the unique opportunity to gain insight into health care from all angles. I’m able to work with individuals across the care continuum including the insurance company, providers, hospital administrators, office managers and the patient. 

I also get to impact health care in a variety of settings – the emergency department, inpatient, post-acute care, primary care, specialty care and so much more. Creating strong relationships with network partners through these processes are an essential part of being a Clinical Coordinator. We are constantly managing different areas of expertise and serving as a liaison between the ACO, our health partners and patients.

Our work allows us to help patients not only in their time of illness, but it also allows for a strong focus on preventive care. We work to encourage providers and patients to be proactive in their health care through education, data analysis and outreach. 

Given the opportunity to learn about health care from so many different lenses opens the door to innovation and is truly making positive impacts in health care in our community. This creates meaning in my life because it is a small way to help a huge community struggle.

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