Open enrollment is when you can make changes to your health insurance plans. The open enrollment period is Nov. 1, 2022 through Jan. 15, 2023. If you are purchasing insurance as an individual, versus through your employer, this is your only opportunity to select coverage unless you experience a qualifying life event.

As you review possible plans, consider the following:

  • The amount of money you spent on health care last year
  • Which plans include your current health-care provider(s) as in-network
  • Medications covered by each plan

Once you’ve narrowed down the basics, there is a few bits of information you’ll want to have handy during the enrollment period. This information includes:

  • Personal Information (Social Security Number, date of birth, citizenship status)
  • Bank account/credit card information for premiums to be charged to

In 2022 alone, during the open enrollment period for coverage, “enrollment reached a record high, with more than 14.5 million people signing up for coverage through exchanges.” (

For assistance selecting your plan, visit,, or talk to a private broker that can help make your selection easier at

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