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Sorry to Hear You Can't Make the Meeting

Rest assured, there are still ways for you to get involved. If you would like to learn more about NHN's approach, please contact Dave Wirka, vice president of ACO Performance and Operations, at 402-836-9239.

What the Alliance Means to You

Nebraska Health Network is the Accountable Care Organization for Methodist Health System and Nebraska Medicine. Together, we are committed to improving the care experience and outcomes for our patients. We recently partnered with PatientPing to help us address our post-acute care strategy. We invite you to join our Post-Acute Care Alliance and gain valuable patient insight by using the PatientPing resource.


  • Gain valuable patient data including visit histories, care team details and important patient flags

  • Easily identify NHN ACO patients

  • Align care plans with our ACO and clinic care coordinators

  • Potential to earn financial rewards in the future for providing high quality and efficient post-acute care that contributes to NHN success in value-based agreements with payers

About Patient Ping

PatientPing helps the entire care team, from the ACO to the SNF, seamlessly collaborate by delivering real-time notifications whenever patients experience care events. This solution enables collaboration across providers, which we believe will lower costs and improve the overall care delivery.

PatientPing offers a no-cost solution that notifies you when you share a patient with the ACO. Additional paid services are available that enable you to track patients up to 90 days post discharge. Please note that the paid services are not required as part of the NHN agreement, but may be something of value to your organization. 

Appropriately allocate staffing resources to optimize efficiency

Identify missed care opportunities to optimize workflows and increase patient retention

Apply timely interventions to reduce ED admissions

Strengthen partnerships with NHN and our community partners


Dylan O'Brien
Growth Lead, PatientPing
Ph. 781-760-3334

NHN's Post-Acute Care Strategy

Join the NHN as we work to improve care coordination and communication throughout our patients' care journey.